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Best Rest Baby believes that every child and family deserves restful and restorative sleep. We’re here to help restore exhausted households with compassion and encouragement.

We take the time to understand not just the child but the entire family, creating an individually tailored sleep plan that is ‘just right’ for you! Best Rest Baby knows the importance and benefits of sleep. We work very hard to help you “because your baby is only at their best after a good night of rest!”

~ Jillian, Founder of Best Rest Baby

We had been doing our own version of ‘sleep training’ with our son Theo from the age of two and a half months to 9 months. This involved swaddling him for naps and feeding him for about 40 minutes to sleep and then carefully walking over to his crib to lay him down. desperately trying to not wake him as we would then start the whole routine again! Theo would sometimes sleep through the night…but as the months went by, he would wake more and more frequently, causing so much stress within ou…
Charlotte and JohnBrooklyn, NY