Welcome to Best Rest Baby!

Best Rest Baby believes that every child and family deserves restful and restorative sleep. We’re here to help restore exhausted households with compassion and encouragement.

We take the time to understand not just the child but the entire family, creating an individually tailored sleep plan that is ‘just right’ for you! Best Rest Baby knows the importance and benefits of sleep. We work very hard to help you “because your baby is only at their best after a good night of rest!”

~ Jillian, Founder of Best Rest Baby

Sleepy in Park Slope
When we reached out to Jillian, we were desperate. Our little guy was getting up every 45 minutes and we were losing sleep (and our minds). We knew we had to get a sleep plan together, but we had questions. We were reading so many conflicting reports that it was unclear how to get started. Above all else, Jillian gave us confidence and clarity. She helped us identify what was right for us and our son. She was a support throughout the entire process, cheering us on when needed and answering an…
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Kate and MaggieBrooklyn, NY