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Best Rest Baby believes that every child and family deserves restful and restorative sleep. We’re here to help restore exhausted households with compassion and encouragement.

We take the time to understand not just the child but the entire family, creating an individually tailored sleep plan that is ‘just right’ for you! Best Rest Baby knows the importance and benefits of sleep. We work very hard to help you “because your baby is only at their best after a good night of rest!”

~ Jillian, Founder of Best Rest Baby

When Elliott was 8 months old he was still waking multiple times throughout the night and naps were a major struggle (and often only achieved in a stroller or car seat after failed attempts to get him to nap in his crib). He was only achieving sleep by being nursed and rocked into a deep sleep … and then carefully transferred into his crib while we held our breath and crossed our fingers! We knew this wasn’t sustainable for any of us, and that it was important for Elliott to learn how to s… Read more
Emily and AdamMaplewood, NJ