Happy Parents in Brooklyn

We’ve wanted to write to you for the longest time to tell you what AMAZING success we had with our daughter sleeping as soon as we took your advice that one night. She is like a different child, she changed literally overnight – it’s quite unbelievable! When we say goodnight to her now she lies down, let’s us cover her with the blanket and doesn’t utter a peep after that. Always at 7pm – and she sleeps right through the night – she has not woken up once in the middle of the night. Nap times are consistently at around 12.45/1pm and although she fusses a tiny bit more, it lasts about a couple of minutes and she goes straight to sleep after that.

We really cannot believe what a change we have seen in her, and so quickly. We are so grateful and so thankful that we got this all sorted before the new baby arrives. PHEW! Thank you for all your advice and your patience with us while we figured it out. We are needless to say THRILLED with the results. Yay!

Happy ParentsBrooklyn, NY