Sleepy In New Jersey

Jillian has truly changed all of our lives, very much for the better. Before we started working with her, our one-year-old daughter needed to be nursed to sleep and was waking multiple times per night, each time needing to be nursed to fall back asleep. We were all exhausted. Jillian really listened to our situation, and then she developed a gentle plan for us to help our daughter learn to fall asleep on her own and sleep through the night. We didn’t think that a full night of sleep was even possible. In a very short time, though (after just a few days), our daughter was falling asleep on her own and sleeping until 7am. She wakes up happy and well-rested each day. When we started to transition to one nap per day, we reached out to Jillian again, and she guided us through that process. It is such a comfort to know that we could contact her in the future. If we have another baby, we will definitely reach out to her much sooner to help us facilitate better sleep earlier on. She is a kind and compassionate person, and also incredibly knowledgeable and effective. She tailored our plan for our family, and she really got to know and understand all of us. Of all the things we have invested in since our baby’s birth, sleep has by far made the biggest improvement in all of our lives. We are so grateful to Jillian for getting us where we are.

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