Jillian has been our life-changing superhero, not once, but twice (so far!). We first reached out to her when our daughter, Lea, was just about to turn two. At that point none of us had slept through the night in two years! Lea required being held to sleep before our delicate nightly dance of trying to place her in her crib without waking her. Bedtime had turned into an hour-plus process and then she was waking several times during the night…every night. With two years of terrible sleep habits as our norm, I was hopeful but admittedly skeptical that anyone could help. We were very much against leaving our baby in her room to cry endlessly and I expressed that to Jillian in our consultation. The sleep plan she came up with was comprehensive, thorough, thoughtful and most of all do-able. In literally 2 nights our daughter caught on to the new routine. It involved minimal crying, and Jillian walked us through it and offered encouragement and support each step of the way. We never felt too overwhelmed. After implementing her plan we had a new life – simple bedtimes and sleeping through the night.

When we hit a sudden sleep road bump around when Lea turned 3 (toddlers 🙂) we reached out to Jillian again for help. Once again her plan (and her supportive cheerleading) worked. We’re back to easy bedtimes and sleeping through the night!

Sarah and AgatonBrooklyn, New York

At 5 months, our son Luke was waking up 4-6 times a night – more than he did as a newborn and only taking short choppy naps. We fell into bad patterns, like using the pacifier, the swing, the carrier, the stroller, and bringing him to our bed. I didn’t know how to handle his sleep because my first son was naturally a great sleeper and formed his own schedule. Luke’s sleep was regressing and we needed help. We contacted Jillian who listened to our problems and took time to understand our situation. She helped us develop a training plan we were comfortable with and coached us through it. She also helped us create an optimal sleep environment, form a structured schedule, and establish healthy sleep habits.

The first night was rough, but Luke’s sleeping improved dramatically by night two and three. On the third night he slept through from 6:30pm to 6:30am – I was in shock! His day time sleep improved as well, and his naps went from 20 mins to 1-2 hours long. He was able to go into the crib and fall asleep by himself without a pacifier or being rocked. Occasionally when he does wake up in the middle of the night he is often able to soothe himself and fall back asleep with minimal fussing.

We feel confident in addressing any inevitable sleep regressions that may come from travel, new milestones, teeth, or illnesses. I only wish we started a month earlier!

Amelia and ScottNew York, NY

We are so thrilled we found Jillian! We never ever thought in our wildest dreams that Everett would take crib naps, but in under a week he was happily napping in the crib and sleeping over 11 hours at night! I know it doesn’t sound possible, but Jillian gave us a concrete plan and endless support to guide us through the tougher moments to keep us on track. She truly cared about our success and thanks to her we are all so much happier. Sleep really is everything!

Jess and AndrewBrooklyn, NY

Jillian has made such a difference in our lives! Not only is she perfectly qualified to give customized advice regarding babies sleep, she’s also capable of bringing across her message in a gentle and understanding way. You can tell that she truly loves what she is doing, which makes it a pleasure to work with her. We started our son’s sleep training with Jillian when he turned 5 months old. We wanted to establish healthy sleep habits at an early age and it didn’t seem to be coming naturally for us. Jillian customized a sleep plan for him which was easy for us to understand and follow. Now he is 12 months old and still is on schedule with his naps and he sleeps through the night, every night! He has learned to fall asleep by himself in the crib and also puts himself back to sleep if he wakes during the night. He’s always well rested and wakes up such a happy boy! We are very grateful for Jillian’s help and highly recommend her!

Gesine and MarkAmsterdam, Netherlands

From the day he was born, Luke was never a good sleeper. He wouldn’t sleep in a stroller, swing, sling or carrier and needed to be rocked, shushed and swaddled in a dark room, sometimes for nearly and hour. There were times when I had to let him fall asleep on me just to get a solid nap. So, we developed bad habits and found we needed to teach Luke to sleep on his own, or else we would have a sleepless toddler! At 6 1/2 months he was 20lbs, teething and crawling. We could no longer stand and rock him, nor did he want us to. He fought naps and bedtime, and even went from waking just once or twice a night to every 2 hrs! We were not fans of “crying it out”, but it became a last resort. After 5 days of screaming and very little progress, we consulted Jillian. We first met Jillian when we were interviewing babysitters. We instantly were impressed with her warmth, friendly demeanor, positive energy, humor, and incredible knowledge of baby sleep cycles and needs. We not only wanted to hire her, but befriend her! She responded immediately upon evaluating our needs, current schedule and issues with a specialized schedule and plan that was suitable to our “high needs” baby and comfortable and feasible for us to follow through. We began to see results within just two days! He stopped waking 30 mins after bedtime and learned to fall asleep on his own. In less than two weeks, we no longer needed to rock him until our backs ached or deal with the emotional stress of him fighting and crying in our arms, or, alone in the crib. I learned to recognize his tired signs and the length of his wake times throughout the day, and I gained confidence that he could not only soothe himself to sleep, but we can teach him new, good habits. Even when travel, teething and sickness means the inevitable night wakings, Jillian has given us the tools, and helped us teach Luke the skills, to get back on schedule. No more endless rocking and sleep fighting! We owe this all to Jillian and her Best Rest Baby program. While I read every popular book on infant sleep, it was her customized plan and schedule and her enthusiastic support that not only kept me going when I wanted to give up, but actually made the process more fun – because she made me see how I was doing something wonderful for my baby and my family…giving the gift of sleep.

Ariella and DennnisBrooklyn, NY

We were having lots of trouble with our 7 month old daughter’s sleep habits. Naps were irregular and rarely longer than 25 minutes; plus she was still waking up several times a night. We were really losing our marbles when luckily we found Jillian! She was great at diagnosing the problem, creating a structured routine for us, and she provided tons of encouragement and email support while we implemented her recommendations. It sounds unbelievable, but within a couple weeks, our daughter was sleeping 12 hours uninterrupted and napping twice a day for at least an hour. She’s a sleep champ now and we have Jillian to thank!

Eric and LoriBrooklyn, NY
Brian Jr.

I would like to send this email to send our sincere gratitude for your work with Brian and his sleep schedule. We of course see such a dramatic improvement and we owe it all to you. When I speak about you to our friends and family I always refer to you as the Baby Whisperer because in all honesty that’s exactly what you are. You were very much in tune and connected to Lil B from the moment your looked at one another. Please know we will forever be grateful for everything you have done and for being so present with us during all the trials and tribulations. You were always honest and led us in the right direction and I truly admire that. Should anyone we know need someone of your esteemed caliber to help them with getting on the right sleep path with their little one, we will without any reservations tell them about you and your amazing work. Thank you so much for helping us to get through such a difficult time, you are truly amazing!

Danielle and BrianMassapequa, New York

Jillian is compassionate, positive and there are absolutely no judgements or shame from her! My little boy was only taking 3o minute naps. He was exhausted, cranky and miserable all day, everyday. The more we did to help him, the worse it got. After 15 minutes of getting him to sleep, he’d nap for 30 minutes and wake up crying and miserable. I’d try to play with him or get something accomplished, but he’d want to go back so sleep within an hour! REPEAT all day, every day. I was barely sleeping at night, had no time for mommy naps during the day, never left the house and was getting nothing accomplished at home. We were all miserable. I contacted Jillian based on her fantastic website. Clearly she was thorough, dedicated and educated in infant sleep. Immediately I felt at ease with her positive email response. Jillian came to our home and brought with her such a positive and caring vibe. She was prepared for our specific problems and needs and was incredibly organized. She complimented us on what we were doing right. As a mom who was convinced I was doing everything wrong, I needed to hear positive feedback! She validated our concerns and gave us hope and confidence. Jillian has read all the books and knows how to organize all of the ‘advice’ out there. I needed a guide to see through all of the clutter. She gave us a black and white PLAN. She gave us the tools and confidence to teach our boy how to sleep through the night and how to extend his daytime naps so that he wasn’t over-tired all of the time. Immediately she gave us very simple tips on how to change our bedroom (where our baby sleeps) into a more pleasant environment for baby sleep! Jillian gave us suggestions about our room and our nap and bedtime routine and we implemented them right away. There were immediate improvements! The formal training took 2 weeks, but it was so much easier than we anticipated. We were geared up for screaming and crying from all 3 of us, hahaha. There were tears, but it wasn’t so bad. The fast improvement we saw was well worth it. We are all happier, healthier and we now sleep so much better!

Janai and VinceJanai and Vince

Declan was always a happy little guy, except when he was tired! He was a good night sleeper, but I really had no idea how to get him down for naps. I knew they were so important for his development and overall happiness! The only way we could really get him to nap in the morning was by feeding and rocking him, which I really didn’t want to rely on. The afternoon nap was non existent, and he would just sleep on and off in the stroller throughout the afternoon. Getting him ready for bed was a mad dash, as I knew we were usually on the verge of an overtired baby breakdown, which I couldn’t avoid most of the time. I just felt so badly as I knew Declan was overtired, but I didn’t have the knowledge (or confidence) of how to fix it. All the different strategies were overwhelming.

We called Jillian when Declan was just about 6 months and right before he started daycare. Jilllian was so, so lovely, and just really supportive of what we were doing well, and helpful in giving us strategies of how to fix where we were lacking. She was incredibly kind and accessible throughout the process, and gave us a great base schedule to work with Declan on. I even sent her a video of Declan one night when we were sleep training, and asked her if we had done the right thing in how we responded! He has done so well, and having a consistent schedule has really helped Declan with transitions and expectations. Jillian gave us tools and ideas that we can use anywhere, and my anxiety around his sleep has diminished. She really gave me confidence to trust myself in knowing Declan’s cues too.

Declan is still a happy little man, but even happier now! His naps are consistent and at night he seems to want us to put him in his crib and leave him alone! I really am so grateful for Jillian’s guidance and support.

Clare and ChrisClare and Chris

Jillian is AMAZING!!! My daughter, Paige, was the queen of the 20 minute nap, and she loved to start her day early (at 5 am!!!). With Jillian’s guidance, Paige now sleeps until 7 AM (and would probably even sleep longer if we didn’t wake her to start her day). She also takes two long (1 to 2 hour) naps a day. Jillian really took her time to listen to our concerns, and thoughtfully helped us find a solution to our sleep problems. Jillian helped me several times in my daughter’s first 6 months, and really helped my daughter make the 3 to 2 nap transition so easily. She followed up after every conversation, and even though all the help was given from a distance (via phone and email), I really felt like she was with me through the entire process. She was truly indispensable to my family.

Amanda and SloanCollingswood, New Jersey

Our daughter was a great sleeper until she was four months old. When I met Jillian, my six month old daughter Noa was waking up at 4:30 or 5 am every morning and would not go back to sleep unless she was held and rocked, would only nap for 30 minutes at a time, and would wake up whenever her pacifier fell out. My daughter was always tired and fussy. My entire family was exhausted and I could barely function at work. I tried reading books and looking on the Internet, but nothing seemed to help. Jillian immediately knew what the issues were and how to change them. Within days of starting Jillian’s plan, my daughter was already napping better and sleeping later in the morning. Jillian was incredibly supportive throughout the process and available whenever we needed her. After the full 2 weeks, she became an excellent sleeper, sleeping until 7 am each morning and taking hour long naps or more, without a pacifier! She was also a MUCH easier baby, always smiling. My husband and I were better rested, more productive at work, and happier in general. I could not be more grateful for Jillian’s help!

Kate and JohnBrooklyn, New York

Sleep deprivation is a crazy thing, and as a new mom I was feeling the effects of it. It was making me depressed, impatient, and I really wasn’t enjoying motherhood. My son, Joey, was consistently overtired, which made him fussy, clingy, and miserable too. We were both a mess and we needed help! Since working with Jillian I can honestly say I am now a better mom and I feel like I have a completely different baby.
As a first time mom, I had read every sleep-related baby book on the market! Nothing I had tried seemed to work and each book I read had a conflicting opinion in it. I was exhausted and confused and I just wanted someone with expertise to tell me what to do! That’s when Jillian came to the rescue. Jillian took the guess work out of everything. She was able to give me a tried and true plan that was age appropriate, and she helped me implement it.
When I reached out to Jillian I was at my wit’s end. I thought there was a good chance that even she wouldn’t be able to help me! Joey was so much more difficult than all my other friend’s babies and had been a very poor sleeper from day one. I had resorted to “survival mode” around the house and would do whatever it took for he and I to get a little shut eye. Joey would only nap in my arms or in the carrier. I spent countless hours each day bouncing on a bosu ball to try to rock him to sleep. Once he would fall asleep he would wake the second I would set him down in the crib, start screaming, and I would have to start all over. At night we would do this song and dance for HOURS! Usually 3-4 hours of bounce, place in crib, repeat, before I would resort to crawling in bed with him and nursing him to sleep. Once asleep, he would then proceed to wake every two hours to nurse. What we were doing wasn’t working for either of us, and we needed help!
This is where Jillian came in. By the third night of working with Jillian my son stopped waking to feed at night. He now puts himself to sleep, sleeps 12 hours a night, takes three consistent naps, and does all of this in his CRIB! No more rocking, no more co-sleeping, and no more using me as a pacifier! I now have time to shower, eat, an even nap myself! My son is no longer fussy and clingy, he is now a happy and laid back dude! Believe it or not my son has actually filled out more and started gaining weight since we began the process because he takes in more food during the day and is an all around healthier, happier baby!
I honestly cannot sing Jillian’s praises enough. She is compassionate and nonjudgemental. She will also can give you tough love when you need it. If my child can sleep independently and through the night, then ANY baby can! Don’t put off reaching out to her for help. The sooner you call, the sooner you and your baby can get a good night’s sleep!

Cathleen and JoeManhattan, New York

We had been doing our own version of ‘sleep training’ with our son Theo from the age of two and a half months to 9 months. This involved swaddling him for naps and feeding him for about 40 minutes to sleep and then carefully walking over to his crib to lay him down. desperately trying to not wake him as we would then start the whole routine again! Theo would sometimes sleep through the night…but as the months went by, he would wake more and more frequently, causing so much stress within our household!

This is when we accepted we needed help and contacted Jillian. We read the testimonials on her website and felt maybe there was hope. I still found it hard to believe that Theo would take solid naps in his crib during the day and go to bed early and sleep until 7am. Jillian was warm, understanding and reassuring on the phone. I felt like we were finally going to get the guidance we needed, after not knowing what we were doing!
We followed through with all the suggestions given by Jillian and the sleep training worked. We were amazed. Theo now goes to bed, awake, at 7 pm and does not wake up until the morning when we are ready to start the day. He takes both of his naps in his crib and we are all so much happier and well rested because of it. our lives changed once we had the structure we now have. Reaching out to Jillian was one of the best things we have done since becoming parents!!

Charlotte and JohnBrooklyn, NY

Our six-month-old daughter Layla would wake 10 – 12 times every night when her pacifier would fall out of her mouth. We tried researching online but could not improve the situation. We then contacted Jillian who offered us several options for improving our daughter’s sleep. We choose the more aggressive plan and then Jillian guided us through the execution. While we had to make some difficult changes, Jillian was constantly in touch to support and guide us. Now two weeks later, Layla will sleep through the night, often sleeping 11 – 12 hours. Because she is better rested, Layla is calmer during the day and smiles more often. Not to mention, Mom and Dad are much better rested as well! Jillian was always positive and knowledgeable throughout our experience. If you are looking for help with your child’s sleep, we could not recommend anyone more highly than Jillian.

Nicole and RichardHaskell, New Jersey

As first time parents we were sure we would never sleep train our baby. It just… wasn’t for us. But Adele continued to wake up every two hours at 10 months old, at which point we knew we had to change something to get both her and us better sleep. So, we contacted Jillian because we knew we didn’t have the nerves or the information to achieve this change alone. She was super attentive and empathetic throughout the learning process. Thanks to her support and advice Adele did learn how to put herself to sleep within a week. Still, at 14 month she sleeps 11+ hours a night and takes a hour+ nap everyday. If you are an exhausted parent who started misspelling your own name, it’s time to give Jillian a call.

Asli and PeterBrooklyn, New York

Shai was, much to our wonder and delight, a fantastic sleeper the first 6 months of his life, so we thought we were in the clear and just magically got lucky. But as he got older and more aware, he began getting up more during the night, and by the time he was 1 year old, we just started bringing him into bed with us once he cried out in the middle of the night. In theory (and sometimes in practice), it seemed like a win-win, as we loved snuggling with him, and he loved it as well, usually falling back asleep quickly once in our bed. As idyllic as this plan seemed, I often woke up tired and grumpy, realizing that the quality of all of our sleep was greatly diminished because while he was generally a good sleeper in our bed, it certainly wasn’t the same as if he was not there at all! Also, I got pregnant again right when he turned 1, so while this arrangement was fine during the beginning of the pregnancy, my growing fatigue and growing belly soon mandated that we had to do something – and quick – to ensure that we all got good nights sleep! We also wanted to ensure that we wouldn’t have a toddler crawling into bed with us while trying to breastfeed and calm a newborn! Lastly, our very patient nanny had to also snuggle with him for almost his entire naptime, as he was getting so accustomed to snuggling to sleep, that she didn’t have time to eat lunch or do other things she needed to do around the house while he slept!
So enter Jillian, who understood that while we loved to have our family snuggle time, we needed a concrete plan of action to change the sleeping arrangement well before the new baby came. There is no way my husband and I would have put our foot down and stopped bringing Shai into bed every single night if we didn’t have both a) a well thought out custom plan and b) someone holding us accountable. Jillian was kind, thoughtful, understanding, and so knowledgeable. She met with us at our home and tailored a plan that fit our exact needs, recognizing that we are not heavy-handed in our parenting style and needed to have a plan that was gentle, loving, but firm. She also gave us very helpful advice on how to make his room more sleep-friendly, which we implemented with great success. We needed our hands held, in the same way Shai needed his in order to get him to sleep through the night (and his naps) in his crib! Jillian was the perfect person for this task. So after email exchanges, a meeting, and a detailed plan, we put the plan into action and it worked beautifully – and quickly!! So while we laugh at how seemingly easy and quick it was to get him to sleep through the night and for naps in his crib, there is absolutely no way we could have done it without Jillian. Reading a sleep training book just would not have met our needs and our family’s specific dynamic in the same way, nor would we have stuck with a plan more than a night or two. But having Jillian tailor the plan to our needs and hold us accountable made all the difference – for me, my husband, and our nanny, as all three of us just always gave in to Shai the moment he cried, creating this cycle. We are all so grateful to Jillian – she was an absolute delight and we are all better off for it! Highly recommend!!

Melissa and AaronBrooklyn, New York

After a particularly ugly upper respiratory infection at around 16 months, our son Alex became a truly horrible nighttime sleeper. He would wake up at least once a night and be up for hours, completely unable to put himself back to sleep! After 5 months of broken sleep, we were all exhausted and, at my wits end, I reached out to Jillian. I knew from minute one of our first phone conversation that we were in good hands!! Jillian really took the time to listen and by the end of our call, I finally felt like there was a light at the end of this sleepless tunnel. She created a really structured and incremental plan that we felt really comfortable implementing. We saw immediate results and Jillian was like our own personal cheerleader and celebrated each and every tiny step forward along with us. When, in the middle of sleep training, Alex figured out how to climb out of his crib and we had a slight meltdown, she quickly offered a Plan B that turned things around in one night. We are so happy to report that Alex now sleeps about 11hours every night with a two hour nap during the day. He falls asleep in his crib by himself and quickly puts himself back to sleep if he wakes up during the night. And most importantly, the process was easy and I felt 100% comfortable with every step. Jillian is really a treasure!!

Alicia and EdManhattan, New York

From day #1 Charlotte was not the baby that you could put down. She just cried. She loved being held ALL THE TIME. Which as first time parents we didn’t mind. Of course we loved holding our little girl. Then as she got older it became a little more difficult. She was heavier, she wanted to move around more but really couldn’t because we had her in our arms. We ended up bouncing her on a exercise ball nightly to get her to sleep. The process would sometimes take hours and then when she was finally in a deep sleep we would ATTEMPT to get her into her crib. It was 50/50 really on it working. It became too much for all of us. She was not getting the proper rest she needed and neither were we. So at 5 1/2 months it was time for sleep training. In came Jillian. We had a home consultation with her. We knew immediately that we had made the right decision. She was so supportive of not just our child’s needs but also of us as parents. We came up with a plan together as family as opposed to being told “this is the way it should be done”. She was very thorough and walked us through everything. Even giving us a timeline of when and how things should play out day by day. I would be lying if I said the first few nights weren’t really hard, they were. BUT – Jillian was there 100% for us and it made all the difference in the world. Her support and motivation got us through to the other side. And now Charlotte is going down in her crib for naps and for nighttime sleep. She fusses for about a half a second and then she’s sleeping. She is such a happy, rested baby now. My husband and I just shared a dinner together in our home, at our dinner table, without bouncing our little girl while trying to eat!! It was the first time in 5 1/2 months that we have been able to do that. Yay!!! Thank you Jillian – You are an absolute godsend!

Marci and AlexManhattan, New York

When Elliott was 8 months old he was still waking multiple times throughout the night and naps were a major struggle (and often only achieved in a stroller or car seat after failed attempts to get him to nap in his crib). He was only achieving sleep by being nursed and rocked into a deep sleep … and then carefully transferred into his crib while we held our breath and crossed our fingers! We knew this wasn’t sustainable for any of us, and that it was important for Elliott to learn how to self soothe and achieve sleep on his own. We were confident that he was capable of learning this important skill but were unsure about the best way to teach him. Enter: Jillian! Jillian calmly and patiently listened to the challenges we were facing and then created a step-by-step plan to help us teach Elliott to learn to sleep and soothe himself. Jillian was supportive and encouraging. She was excellent with communication and readily available to answer question. She kept us on track and made sure we stayed true to the plan we had created. Within 1 week Elliott was sleeping 11 hours at night and napping in his crib twice a day. The experience was truly life changing for our family!

Emily and AdamMaplewood, NJ

Prior to Jillian’s help, Diego refused to sleep in his crib. We spent our nights co-sleeping or waking up several times a night to soothe an angry, tired baby back to sleep. He would usually only fall back to sleep if he was being nursed! After 2 failed attempts of sleep training on our own, we needed help. Jillian offered the guidance and support we needed to get through the daunting task of sleep training and we succeeded this time around! Diego now sleeps in his crib 11-12 hours at night without mom and dad’s intervention. Jillian also helped us get his naps on track. My husband and I found her advice and coaching invaluable which helped us as a couple get through what is usually a very stressful and emotional undertaking. We would recommend Jillian in a heartbeat to any parent, we just wish we would have reached out sooner!

Casey and MartinBrooklyn, New York

I hesitated to contact a sleep consultant because our little guy was a good night sleeper and morning napper. I thought, ¨Maybe we don’t have a problem?” His afternoon naps were terrible though! I could not get him to sleep more than 35 minutes at a time and he always woke up unhappy. As a stay-at-home-mom this was very difficult for me because I never got a break and Adrián was obviously over tired. Both of our temperaments were suffering! Jillian’s knowledge and support helped immediately. The unlimited email support early on was especially important for me as I needed constant reassurance. Jillian was always warm, confident, clear in her communication and had a good sense of humor (so important!). Our little guy is now taking hour-long+ naps in the morning and the afternoon and is sleeping 11-12 hours at night. Our days are super happy and our nights are quiet!

Meghan and FelixBrooklyn, New York

Sleepy In Brooklyn

Working with Jillian changed our lives. After a tough year of sleep deprivation, we are finally all resting peacefully at night. Jillian’s warm, encouraging and non-judgmental advice gave us the courage to try what we had been dreading. Our daughter went from waking a few times a night and needing to be nursed down each time to being able to go down drowsy and sleep for 12 or more hours a night, soothing herself along the way. We are all so much happier and rested. We recommend Jillian whole-heartedly!

Happy Parents S and PBrooklyn, NY

We called Jillian after our daughter Lilou turned six months and wasn’t sleeping on any sort of schedule. Nights were spent co-sleeping and naps were consistently 30 minute cat naps whenever we could lull her to sleep. Jillian very patiently walked us through changes that we had to make in order change our daughters sleeping habits. She dealt with our (very) frequent questions and stubbornness to change with friendliness and grace, explaining the reasons all along the way. She was an incredible support, reminding us to just focus on one day at a time when we got frustrated with the process. We know we are raising a child and nothing is ever going to be perfect, but just 2.5 weeks after starting with Jillian our baby is sleeping 11 hours a night and starting to take regular, 1-2 hour naps. Everyone is happier in our family. Jillian went above and beyond in order to help our family and we can’t recommend her highly enough.

Amanda and ChrisBrooklyn, New York

We had a fantastic experience with Jillian. We came to her when Alba was 4 months because Alba’s day sleep was almost non-existent and at night the only way she would fall asleep was if she was in a milk coma. Getting her to sleep during the day was always a fight and if she did sleep, she would more often than not wake up a few minutes after putting her in her crib. Jillian educated us on sleep rhythms and by changing a few key things in our daily and nightly routines, Alba started falling asleep almost unassisted and her naps started elongating almost immediately to the half hour mark and then longer. Jillian was exceptionally responsive and genuinely caring throughout the entire consultation period and her advice on whatever issue we were battling with that day was always sound and yielded successful outcomes.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat to any of my family or friends who are struggling to get their baby into healthy sleep habits. THANK YOU!!!!

Natasa and RalphBrooklyn, New York

Michael is our third baby, and was actually a remarkably good sleeper until about 3 months. At that point he refused to nap for more than 20 minutes during the day, and he often woke once or twice during the night. I know many parents would be thrilled to have a baby who slept 6-8 hours in a row at night, but I was concerned about his lack of daytime sleep and I knew we could help him sleep longer if we established the right routine.

Enter Jillian! Jillian listened closely as I explained our experience with Michael and she understood instantly what I was trying to achieve. She laid out a sleep plan that addressed all of our needs and was thoughtful and realistic given our busy life with two older children, jobs, activities, etc. Most of all Jillian was supportive and never pushy with advice. Within three days, Michael was taking a 90 minute nap in the morning and catnaps in the afternoon.

Two weeks later he was consistently sleeping 4 hours during the day and 12-13 hours at night. Each time we hit a stumbling block, which of course we did – she offered a few simple suggestions that seemed to work miracles. We are so grateful for Jillian’s help! Thank You!!

AshleighBronxville, New York

Jillian gave us the guidance and resources that we needed to find the right schedule for our baby. Prior to Jillian, our son was napping several times a day and only for about 30 minutes at a time. He woke up once or twice a night. Now, he takes two long naps every day and sleeps through the night. Sleep is possible. Jillian showed us the way. It is such a blessing to wake up each morning with a happy baby and to know that we both got a good night’s sleep!

Cat and JohnBrooklyn, New York

Being too close to the situation, not to mention tired, it was difficult for us to evaluate if what we were doing was helping or hindering our baby’s sleep. We were sort of’ following advice from books, but were confused, feeling that some of what we had read contradicted itself, or that perhaps we were misinterpreting it. We had also decided that we wanted to let our baby ‘cry it out’ and we needed an outside voice to support us. The steps Jillian had us go through showed us where we were being inconsistent. She literally put me and my husband on the same page. With her advice, schedule and support, it didn’t take long for our baby to (finally) take longer naps. She is now sleeping through the night consistently. It was so nice to have Jillian’s perspective on what is best for our baby’s schedule and sleep. She is so wonderful and easy to talk to. Thank you Jillian!

Patricia and KevinBrooklyn, NY

Jillian assisted me with my 11 month old daughter who was going through some major transitions and was already on a bad schedule. Thanks to Jillian’s excellent knowledge and consistent care over our situation, she got us onto the right plan for my daughter and helped restore peace to our home! She was extremely caring and understanding over our situation and always made me feel relieved to know what was actually happening with my daughter. I owe her a huge deal of thanks for saving us all from emotional ruin :-).
Thank you Jillian!

NadineVancouver, British Columbia
Little Miss M.

When we first reached out to Jillian we were beyond sleep deprived. Everyone told us that parenthood would be exhausting and that we should get used to sleepless nights. But we never imagined we’d have a baby that would wake up every single hour during the night, and barely nap during the day. Our daughter spent huge portions of the night crying and we just did not know what to do! We tried feeding her, changing her diaper, rocking her to sleep – we tried everything and felt defeated. Then we met Jillian and our lives were forever changed. Jillian helped us understand that we needed to teach our daughter HOW to sleep. She helped us get over our anxiety about moving our daughter into her own room – she was 6 months old and it turned out she was totally ready to sleep in her crib! Jillian crafted a sleep plan for our family and helped us through the ups and downs of the initial transition – and her ongoing support kept us from backsliding into bad habits that had created our sleepless situation in the first place. Now, we have a 10 month old daughter who sleeps 11 hours a night (from 7pm to 6am) and takes two beautiful, peaceful naps in her crib during the day. The best part is that now, when she does cry, we know that something really is bothering her because otherwise she sleeps like a champ. Thank you, Jillian, for giving us all the gift of sleep! We are forever grateful.

Little Miss M.Brooklyn, NY
Sleepy in Park Slope

When we reached out to Jillian, we were desperate. Our little guy was getting up every 45 minutes and we were losing sleep (and our minds). We knew we had to get a sleep plan together, but we had questions. We were reading so many conflicting reports that it was unclear how to get started.

Above all else, Jillian gave us confidence and clarity. She helped us identify what was right for us and our son. She was a support throughout the entire process, cheering us on when needed and answering any questions we had. Her approach was flexible but steady. She was the consistent presence we needed to navigate the tricky terrain of sleep.

We truly believe that sleep training would have been a thousand times more painful for us and our son if Jillian hadn’t been there alongside us every step of the way. She has a warmth and a clarity that is essential for the sleep-deprived parent. She is the best!

Kate and MaggieBrooklyn, NY
Happy Parents in Brooklyn

We’ve wanted to write to you for the longest time to tell you what AMAZING success we had with our daughter sleeping as soon as we took your advice that one night. She is like a different child, she changed literally overnight – it’s quite unbelievable! When we say goodnight to her now she lies down, let’s us cover her with the blanket and doesn’t utter a peep after that. Always at 7pm – and she sleeps right through the night – she has not woken up once in the middle of the night. Nap times are consistently at around 12.45/1pm and although she fusses a tiny bit more, it lasts about a couple of minutes and she goes straight to sleep after that.

We really cannot believe what a change we have seen in her, and so quickly. We are so grateful and so thankful that we got this all sorted before the new baby arrives. PHEW! Thank you for all your advice and your patience with us while we figured it out. We are needless to say THRILLED with the results. Yay!

Happy ParentsBrooklyn, NY
Sleepy In New Jersey

Jillian has truly changed all of our lives, very much for the better. Before we started working with her, our one-year-old daughter needed to be nursed to sleep and was waking multiple times per night, each time needing to be nursed to fall back asleep. We were all exhausted. Jillian really listened to our situation, and then she developed a gentle plan for us to help our daughter learn to fall asleep on her own and sleep through the night. We didn’t think that a full night of sleep was even possible. In a very short time, though (after just a few days), our daughter was falling asleep on her own and sleeping until 7am. She wakes up happy and well-rested each day. When we started to transition to one nap per day, we reached out to Jillian again, and she guided us through that process. It is such a comfort to know that we could contact her in the future. If we have another baby, we will definitely reach out to her much sooner to help us facilitate better sleep earlier on. She is a kind and compassionate person, and also incredibly knowledgeable and effective. She tailored our plan for our family, and she really got to know and understand all of us. Of all the things we have invested in since our baby’s birth, sleep has by far made the biggest improvement in all of our lives. We are so grateful to Jillian for getting us where we are.

S & PNew Jersey
Sophie and Jonah

We had a wonderful experience with Jillian. We called her about our 4-year-old daughter who was waking early, and she completely solved the problem with one phone call! We instituted an earlier bedtime and followed her instructions about a special clock. Unfortunately, our 2-year-old son then began rising early, and again, after a few fits and starts, Jillian was able to solve his issues. We are now enjoying a very restful night, with both children happy to go to sleep and regularly waking up well-rested at 6 a.m. Thanks Jillian!

Julie and StuartManhattan, New York

I met Jillian when my son was 3 months old. She became his full time nanny for the remainder of his first year. It was during this time that she was also completing her sleep training courses. We were the very lucky beneficiaries of all of her knowledge. Any new mom who is way too tired to read all the books, let alone implement the strategies knows what a treasure finding someone like her is. In addition to her being amazing with my son Gus, it was so incredible having her weigh in as his sleep patterns changed. Every month or two we would see a shift and she would know all the various milestones that were taking place. She has such a genuine interest in infants and in their sleep. I’m not sure how we got so lucky. But my son continues to be a great sleeper. And of course, he is madly in love with Jillian.

SusanBrooklyn, New York

Jillian is a warm and nurturing caregiver who genuinely enjoys working with families and children. She knows how to listen with empathy to parents who are struggling with sleep issues. She has a very calming effect on our baby and I dub her “The Baby Whisperer of Brooklyn”.

Esther and EricBrooklyn, New York

Jillian is a fantastic resource. She is pleasant, understanding, warm, reliable, and encouraging. I’d recommend her to you and everyone!

JordanBrooklyn, New York

Working with Jillian and Best Rest Baby completely changed our family’s sleep life! Declan, our three year old son, was frequently waking at night. He was unable to put himself back to sleep and it was making night time a nightmare! She helped us set up a sleep program and it was a complete success. She really listened to what was going on in our family and our needs and gave us a thorough plan, practical tools, and support to get our son sleeping through the night. I can happily report he now sleeps 7-7 and we could never have achieved that without Best Rest Baby.

Crystal and T.J.Manhattan, New York

Thanks for helping us create a peaceful room and relaxing routine for our wonderful, sleepy little girl. With your support, the rest was cake!

Jenn and AlanBrooklyn, New York