Sleep deprivation is a crazy thing, and as a new mom I was feeling the effects of it. It was making me depressed, impatient, and I really wasn’t enjoying motherhood. My son, Joey, was consistently overtired, which made him fussy, clingy, and miserable too. We were both a mess and we needed help! Since working with Jillian I can honestly say I am now a better mom and I feel like I have a completely different baby.
As a first time mom, I had read every sleep-related baby book on the market! Nothing I had tried seemed to work and each book I read had a conflicting opinion in it. I was exhausted and confused and I just wanted someone with expertise to tell me what to do! That’s when Jillian came to the rescue. Jillian took the guess work out of everything. She was able to give me a tried and true plan that was age appropriate, and she helped me implement it.
When I reached out to Jillian I was at my wit’s end. I thought there was a good chance that even she wouldn’t be able to help me! Joey was so much more difficult than all my other friend’s babies and had been a very poor sleeper from day one. I had resorted to “survival mode” around the house and would do whatever it took for he and I to get a little shut eye. Joey would only nap in my arms or in the carrier. I spent countless hours each day bouncing on a bosu ball to try to rock him to sleep. Once he would fall asleep he would wake the second I would set him down in the crib, start screaming, and I would have to start all over. At night we would do this song and dance for HOURS! Usually 3-4 hours of bounce, place in crib, repeat, before I would resort to crawling in bed with him and nursing him to sleep. Once asleep, he would then proceed to wake every two hours to nurse. What we were doing wasn’t working for either of us, and we needed help!
This is where Jillian came in. By the third night of working with Jillian my son stopped waking to feed at night. He now puts himself to sleep, sleeps 12 hours a night, takes three consistent naps, and does all of this in his CRIB! No more rocking, no more co-sleeping, and no more using me as a pacifier! I now have time to shower, eat, an even nap myself! My son is no longer fussy and clingy, he is now a happy and laid back dude! Believe it or not my son has actually filled out more and started gaining weight since we began the process because he takes in more food during the day and is an all around healthier, happier baby!
I honestly cannot sing Jillian’s praises enough. She is compassionate and nonjudgemental. She will also can give you tough love when you need it. If my child can sleep independently and through the night, then ANY baby can! Don’t put off reaching out to her for help. The sooner you call, the sooner you and your baby can get a good night’s sleep!

Cathleen and JoeManhattan, New York