After a particularly ugly upper respiratory infection at around 16 months, our son Alex became a truly horrible nighttime sleeper. He would wake up at least once a night and be up for hours, completely unable to put himself back to sleep! After 5 months of broken sleep, we were all exhausted and, at my wits end, I reached out to Jillian. I knew from minute one of our first phone conversation that we were in good hands!! Jillian really took the time to listen and by the end of our call, I finally felt like there was a light at the end of this sleepless tunnel. She created a really structured and incremental plan that we felt really comfortable implementing. We saw immediate results and Jillian was like our own personal cheerleader and celebrated each and every tiny step forward along with us. When, in the middle of sleep training, Alex figured out how to climb out of his crib and we had a slight meltdown, she quickly offered a Plan B that turned things around in one night. We are so happy to report that Alex now sleeps about 11hours every night with a two hour nap during the day. He falls asleep in his crib by himself and quickly puts himself back to sleep if he wakes up during the night. And most importantly, the process was easy and I felt 100% comfortable with every step. Jillian is really a treasure!!

Alicia and EdManhattan, New York