Brian Jr.

I would like to send this email to send our sincere gratitude for your work with Brian and his sleep schedule. We of course see such a dramatic improvement and we owe it all to you. When I speak about you to our friends and family I always refer to you as the Baby Whisperer because in all honesty that’s exactly what you are. You were very much in tune and connected to Lil B from the moment your looked at one another. Please know we will forever be grateful for everything you have done and for being so present with us during all the trials and tribulations. You were always honest and led us in the right direction and I truly admire that. Should anyone we know need someone of your esteemed caliber to help them with getting on the right sleep path with their little one, we will without any reservations tell them about you and your amazing work. Thank you so much for helping us to get through such a difficult time, you are truly amazing!

Danielle and BrianMassapequa, New York