We had a fantastic experience with Jillian. We came to her when Alba was 4 months because Alba’s day sleep was almost non-existent and at night the only way she would fall asleep was if she was in a milk coma. Getting her to sleep during the day was always a fight and if she did sleep, she would more often than not wake up a few minutes after putting her in her crib. Jillian educated us on sleep rhythms and by changing a few key things in our daily and nightly routines, Alba started falling asleep almost unassisted and her naps started elongating almost immediately to the half hour mark and then longer. Jillian was exceptionally responsive and genuinely caring throughout the entire consultation period and her advice on whatever issue we were battling with that day was always sound and yielded successful outcomes.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat to any of my family or friends who are struggling to get their baby into healthy sleep habits. THANK YOU!!!!

Natasa and RalphBrooklyn, New York