"Because your baby is only at their best after a good night of rest!"

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Hi,my name is Jillian Rossitto and I am the founder of Best Rest Baby. As a certified Family Sleep Institute pediatric sleep consultant and a new mom to twins, I have completed one of the most rigorous certifications in the field and have had a crash course in baby sleep under my very own roof! It is an honor and privilege to be one of FSI’s first graduates and to be part of Brooklyn’s very first pediatric sleep consultants. I currently have over 5 years of experience helping exhausted families and sleepy little ones including my own son and daughter.  I believe that every child and family deserves a restful night of sleep. In fact, my motto is, “Your baby is only at their best after a good night of rest!”

From the time I was young I have always loved babies. I couldn’t wait to babysit and when I was old enough it was all I did.  Later, during college with my passion for children and babies still running strong, I became a certified early childhood teacher and received both my Bachelors degree in Psychology and my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education.  After teaching and nannying, I became even more interested in all things babies and that included understanding the mysterious world of infant sleep.  My curiostiy naturally led me to become a certified pediatric sleep consultant.  With my deep understanding of the importance of sleep, I have made it my life’s work to educate families and help sleepy babies and children.  During my teaching career in both public and private schools, I have seen first-hand the direct impact that sleep has on a child’s mood, cognitive abilities, and overall academic performance. I know that a solid sleep foundation is imperative to the success and well-being of all children and their families. That is why I have made it my personal goal to help restore exhausted households with compassion and encouragement.

My work with children and families now spans more than 15 years. I feel as honored to be a teacher as I do a sleep consultant because there is nothing better than happy babies and children!

Because I have supported families and children during my tenure as an educator, I am able to communicate with and teach families in both a highly effective and supportive manner.

What’s truly special about Best Rest Baby is that I am able to bring my knowledge of psychology, early childhood development, and education to the expansive field of infant and child sleep. Since sleep affects everything from cognition to mood and even behavior, it has become my mission to empower families with the tools they need to foster lifelong healthy sleep habits for their children. No matter what challenges you are currently facing, I will create a personalized sleep plan that is perfect for your child and your family.

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