Our six-month-old daughter Layla would wake 10 – 12 times every night when her pacifier would fall out of her mouth. We tried researching online but could not improve the situation. We then contacted Jillian who offered us several options for improving our daughter’s sleep. We choose the more aggressive plan and then Jillian guided us through the execution. While we had to make some difficult changes, Jillian was constantly in touch to support and guide us. Now two weeks later, Layla will sleep through the night, often sleeping 11 – 12 hours. Because she is better rested, Layla is calmer during the day and smiles more often. Not to mention, Mom and Dad are much better rested as well! Jillian was always positive and knowledgeable throughout our experience. If you are looking for help with your child’s sleep, we could not recommend anyone more highly than Jillian.

Nicole and RichardHaskell, New Jersey