We called Jillian after our daughter Lilou turned six months and wasn’t sleeping on any sort of schedule. Nights were spent co-sleeping and naps were consistently 30 minute cat naps whenever we could lull her to sleep. Jillian very patiently walked us through changes that we had to make in order change our daughters sleeping habits. She dealt with our (very) frequent questions and stubbornness to change with friendliness and grace, explaining the reasons all along the way. She was an incredible support, reminding us to just focus on one day at a time when we got frustrated with the process. We know we are raising a child and nothing is ever going to be perfect, but just 2.5 weeks after starting with Jillian our baby is sleeping 11 hours a night and starting to take regular, 1-2 hour naps. Everyone is happier in our family. Jillian went above and beyond in order to help our family and we can’t recommend her highly enough.

Amanda and ChrisBrooklyn, New York