Jillian is compassionate, positive and there are absolutely no judgements or shame from her! My little boy was only taking 3o minute naps. He was exhausted, cranky and miserable all day, everyday. The more we did to help him, the worse it got. After 15 minutes of getting him to sleep, he’d nap for 30 minutes and wake up crying and miserable. I’d try to play with him or get something accomplished, but he’d want to go back so sleep within an hour! REPEAT all day, every day. I was barely sleeping at night, had no time for mommy naps during the day, never left the house and was getting nothing accomplished at home. We were all miserable. I contacted Jillian based on her fantastic website. Clearly she was thorough, dedicated and educated in infant sleep. Immediately I felt at ease with her positive email response. Jillian came to our home and brought with her such a positive and caring vibe. She was prepared for our specific problems and needs and was incredibly organized. She complimented us on what we were doing right. As a mom who was convinced I was doing everything wrong, I needed to hear positive feedback! She validated our concerns and gave us hope and confidence. Jillian has read all the books and knows how to organize all of the ‘advice’ out there. I needed a guide to see through all of the clutter. She gave us a black and white PLAN. She gave us the tools and confidence to teach our boy how to sleep through the night and how to extend his daytime naps so that he wasn’t over-tired all of the time. Immediately she gave us very simple tips on how to change our bedroom (where our baby sleeps) into a more pleasant environment for baby sleep! Jillian gave us suggestions about our room and our nap and bedtime routine and we implemented them right away. There were immediate improvements! The formal training took 2 weeks, but it was so much easier than we anticipated. We were geared up for screaming and crying from all 3 of us, hahaha. There were tears, but it wasn’t so bad. The fast improvement we saw was well worth it. We are all happier, healthier and we now sleep so much better!

Janai and VinceJanai and Vince